seduced by apple.


I am a PC person. I have been ‘a PC’ (to quote the current ad campaign) forever; I’ve tried mac’s – i’ve had to, given the industry I work in – but they never felt quite right.

But, things change. My current laptop has died after a very short and not very harsh life; it hasn’t even taken the usual photoshop-slash-download battering of its predecessors. So, today, I ordered my first mac. It’s the macbook pro 13″ (so I can travel with it easily) and i’m so excited, I think I might be sick.

I don’t know what changed. Or when the change happened. Maybe i’ve been completely seduced by brand image – after all, I already have an iPhone4, had the previous iPhone, and I have an iPod video and iPod shuffle (for the gym, natch). Maybe it’s the peer pressure. Everyone I work with has one. Maybe then, it’s jealously. Either way, i’ll be giving my opinion on it very soon…

It doesn’t stop there though. In anticipation of my sleek new toy, I thought i’d pop into Westfield at lunch and have a play. And yes, working so close to Westfield is a definite hazard. I sauntered into the store, aiming for the macbooks, but then my eye was caught by a glinting new gadget sitting right by to doorway.

Damn those Apple store merchandisers. I now own a new iPod Nano touchscreen as well.



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