jimmy choo, where are you?

Jimmy Choo Foursquare

So, this is kind of old news. But, since it encapsulates what my blog is all about, and my blog didn’t exist when this happened, I figured I should at least give it a nod.

Back in May, Jimmy Choo ran their first social media campaign. But they didn’t go with Facebook, or even Twitter. They, as many other brands are starting to look to, ran their campaign as an immersive treasure hunt via Foursquare.

Obviously, a Foursquare campaign at this stage is not going to get a massive audience – but maybe that was kind of the point? It’s an exclusive audience, for an exclusive brand. I’ll give you a quick rundown on the campaign: under the moniker ‘CatchaChoo (very clever – if a little bit like a sneeze..)’, a pair of Jimmy Choo trainers are taken on a tour of London, checking in at only the most fashionable and exclusive locations. If you managed to track them down while they were still checked in at that venue, you won them. Simple, right?

Great idea, but not necessarily a unique one. We’re going to start seeing a lot more of these campaigns coming over the next year – I can guarantee it. At least two big-name brands i’ve worked on in past months have had discussions on the subject. The question that needs to be tackled is the mechanic.

In order to make this work in the same manner, someone from the brand in question would have to check in at each location, and the location would be limited – as with Jimmy Choo’s campaign – to a single town or city, say London. So would you need to then run that campaign in multiple locations to make sure you’re not leaving anyone out? What if you wanted to run a global campaign – would that even be possible?

I have some other mechanics in mind for how this might work that make it a little fairer for people across the country, but I won’t go into details in case they inspire someone else who beats me to it! What I do see here are the possibilities for Foursquare to get seriously commercial in their thinking and offer an opportunity to brands for a much more social and experiential integrated experience.

And let’s not forget, Facebook has just launched Places – how will that change the game? I’d like to be able to give you at least some initial thoughts on this, but since it doesn’t work on my iPhone yet, i’ll have to get back to you!


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