i *heart* ugg.

Ugg Australia & Jimmy Choo

When Uggs first hit the streets in the UK a few years ago, introduced (as most things were at the time) by Ms Moss, I hated them. I refused to wear them. I poured scorn on girls that did – and god forbid a MAN should be seen wearing a pair!

I thought (and still do to some extent) that they looked like a giant pair of slippers which magically manage to turn even the loveliest of legs into ginormous tree trunks. Now, part of this reaction was down to the fact that Uggs, on first glance, don’t look particularly appealing. More of my reaction was down to an automatic impulse I have to hate something because lots of silly famous people and celeb-stalking wannabe WAGs love it, and it’s in my blood to rebel against the mainstream as standard. And a final little part of that reaction was because if something is fashionable, it shouldn’t be functional let alone comfortable.

Since then I have been converted. Last year’s horrendous flurry of snow and seriously cold weather (i’m from the North East, so if I live in London and think it’s too cold, you can bet your ass it’s cold). To stop my poor little toesies falling off, and after constant pressure from my sister that Ugg’s were in fact the greatest footwear ever know to man, I caved.

I’m glad I did. Never in my life have I put a more comfortable pair of, well, anything, on my feet. I suddenly understood why all those girls were reluctant to give up their Uggs, even when spring back rode into town and tights and leggings were once again discarded. If you’re used to walking in heels all day, wearing a pair of Uggs is like spending the day with a duck down pillow strapped to each foot.

Since then, I have bought another two pairs. And will most likely be buying another very soon. Since their introduction to this country (the Aussies have of course had them forever and i’m led to believe they all thought we were a bit crazy to go mad over them), there have only really been some fairly standard styles. This is now starting to change.

My particular favourite for this season, and the pair I am sporting while I type this, is the Kensington. I have them in black, with white sheepskin lining and featuring a couple of buckles – almost like a friendlier pair of biker boots. The contrasting white sheepskin meets the shearling trend for this season, but they are also available in a rich brown colour (the ‘official’ colour is lavender?! – they’re brown, I promise you).

The Bailey button style introduced last year has been extended to a longer ‘classic’ style version with three buttons, available in sand, tan, grey and chocolate. I’m sure i’ve seen this in black as well – and this is likely to be my next pair.

The classic Cardy has been reinvented with tassels down the back while the tall stripe Cable Knit gets a variety of new funcky colour options to choose from. Ugg have also extended the whole reange to offer a stack of different ‘fashion’ options.

Uggs can still be a little pricey for some of you, and there are also a whole host of fakes out there so I have a few pieces of advice for the finding the perfect pair:

  • DON’T buy them on eBay – they’re probably fake
  • If you have small feet (like me) you can save loads buy buying from the kids range – i’m a 4, but i take a 3 – 3.5 in Uggs and they fit perfectly and save me at least £50 a pair
  • Catalogues like very.co.uk are now offering Uggs if you need to spread the cost

So, i’ve changed from a ‘hater’ and can now say in all seriousness, I *heart* Uggs. Give them a try if you’re still resisting -I guarantee you will too…

Visit Ugg Australia online to see all available styles. Oh ye, and Ugg is now collaboarating with Jimmy Choo (more to follow on that later)….


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  1. tekg1rl says:

    And as if by magic, there’s now a competition running on social media via styleguidance.com (http://styleguidance.com/promo) involves linking / tweeting / blogging…check it out.

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