digital art. and shoes.

I know this is a little out of date, but I wanted to share it for anyone who missed it. This is the beautifully done digital artwork used for the Louboutin SS10 campaign.

There’s a whole range of shots (obviously) but this is my favourite. And again shows a leading designer embracing all things digital to come up with an absolutely stunning – and unique – campaign to showcase their wares.

It feels a little bit like a Harvey Nichols / Selfridges window display, which are generally always a wonderful sight to behold. Perhaps something for Selfridges to consider when they launch the (ohmygodIcan’twaitforthemtoopen) Shoe Galleries later this week? Although I think by now they might have their window displays already figured out….

Plus it’s something lovely to look at on a Monday morning. And it has Louboutin shoes and butterflies. What more could you want?


One Response to “digital art. and shoes.”
  1. tekg1rl says:

    The picture is actually so pretty that I can’t bear to change it from being the lead image!!

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