sex vs. shopping.

In case you didn’t see this article the other day ladies, Glamour magazine’s News Junkie reported the news we’ve all been dying to hear.

Yes it’s official: shopping is officially better than sex! Or at least as good as anyway. And it must be true because its based on science carried out by researchers at the University of Westminster.

Essentially, they found that the same brain activity occurred when us girls made a bargain purchase, or bought something with a special offer, as happens when we’re turned on. And it didn’t just happen when we were buying shoes or a bargain designer find, it happened with buys as mundane as a jar of marmite!

All in all, great news. And since it’s Saturday, it’s the perfect excuse to head to the shops for a little pick-me-up (literally). Read the original article in full here.


3 Responses to “sex vs. shopping.”
  1. Diana says:

    I don´t agree with scientists in this one, I mean people can survive many months without buying anything, but living without sex more than a week is something I can´t understand…. really Sex the cause and solution of most of all problems in a relationship not buying….

    • tekg1rl says:

      Hmm…I don’t necessarily think the scientists are suggesting you go without sex, I just find it interesting that the same brain activity is stimulated by both.

  2. Abbi says:

    Whoo-hoo… sexy. sexy Marmite 😛

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