‘that’ dress.

Since I am claiming to be on the pulse of fashion and technology, it would be a bit remiss of me to ignore the biggest story trending on Twitter over the last few days (far overshadowing the Pope coming to the UK).

Yes, it’s ‘that’ dress. You know the one. Her Royal Gaga-ness in ‘mutton-dressed-as-meat’ scandal. It’s now been trending on twitter worldwide for 48 hours – and counting. I have a number of ‘issues’, shall we say, with this so I promise to behave and not fly into full rant mode when we’re only four posts into this blogging malarkey.

Now, I understand that in these days of high speed media consumption, celebrities, designers, musicians and just about everyone need to go to greater more outrageous lengths to get noticed. Even more so to achieve more than that fabled 15 minutes of fame. Often this is entertaining, but in the case of the meat dress, can we please draw the line?

It pains me to feature this image on my site because every time I see it, it makes me feel physically sick. It makes me think of disturbing, straight-to-video, horror flicks and is just a touch reminiscent of the Silence of the Lambs. You know, the part where the serial psychopath is making a dress out of the flesh of his victims? What that says about GaGa could in itself be a thesis for a psychology student.

That aside, my main problem with this ‘fashion statement’ is the furore going on around it. Ok, so at this moment in time I am in fact a part of that, sorry. My issue surrounds the questions; “what does this mean?”, “what is she trying to say?”, “what does the dress symbolise?”. Short answer: nothing.

A number of journalists, celebrity stalkers and, well, tabloids, have philosophised on the subject – as has GaGa herself. But seriously, surely what this all ‘means’ is that the Lady herself will go to ever more extreme lengths to simply be ‘outrageous’.

In the style stakes, Lady GaGa has indeed been influential – in the same way Madonna has been. Or Kate Moss. Or any number of other style ‘icons’. Anyone willing to step out and express their own style and character deserves that tag, to some degree at least. And she’s a great pop artist. Her tunes are catchy and the videos memorable – she doesn’t need to resort to absolute sensationalism to get attention. This time round, it may well have backfired.

I hope she learns from this episode that there are lines that should not be crossed. That not all press attention is good. And that she doesn’t need to drape slabs of raw meat over herself to ‘make a statement’.

I also hope that when I get to work in the morning and check what’s trending, as per the routine of my current role,  the ‘meat dress’ no longer appears – in the UK feed at least. Unless it’s because my blog tweet caused it….

Rant over. I feel better now. Thanks.


One Response to “‘that’ dress.”
  1. PPI Claims says:

    It made me feel a bit hungry 😛

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