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Burberry Facebook

I’ve worked on online campaigns and social media for a lot of big brands and they’re always surprised to learn that the leading brands in terms of social media are in the fashion industry.

Thinking about it, it should seem obvious. Fashion is an inherently social subject; ‘did you see what [insert celeb of the moment] was wearing on TV last night?’, shopping trips with your mates as a social activity and shopping online sharing ‘wish lists’ of must-haves that you can’t afford just yet. And with the amount of money in the industry as well as constantly being at the cutting edge, it shouldn’t be surprising that the fashion forward are leading the way – from the catwalk to the high street.

Right now, the leading UK brand page on Facebook belongs to Burberry – with almost 1.5 million fans following their every post. Why? Well, they know what they’re doing, they’re paying attention and they’re doing evertyhing well. It’s common knowledge in the land of digital that the most engaging content comes in the form of rich media and Burberry are providing it by the bucketload. More than that, they’re making designer fashion available to us lowly commoners, offering Facebook chats with the likes of Christopher Bailey (their chief creative) and setting up online events giving fans a front row seat to watch AW10 shows, streamed live online.

But they’re not the only ones. The fastest growing social tech right now is Foursquare and who’s leading the way? Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, obviously. They were quick off the mark too, being two of the first brands globally to make their presence known.

Add to that the well-covered news that many of the leading designers have cottoned on to the power of the blog, inviting the most influential bloggers to attend AW10 shows – especially at New York Fashion Week – and placing them front and centre right next to Ms Wintour et al.

But it’s not just the top fashion houses that are getting it right, the high street is in on the act too. If you’re not already doing so, the first thing you should do after reading this is go and follow ASOS, Topshop and H&M on twitter and Facebook (I won’t link them all here, they’re easy enough to find). And any other high street brand you’re into. Why? Well apart from getting all the info on the latest trends in store, you’ll be privvy to voucher codes and first-to-respond competitions. The most accomplished at this at the moment is ASOS, tweeting exclusive codes that are only live for a few hours; a perfect marketing ploy resulting in many a lunchtime shopping splurge (typically, codes are valid from around 12-4pm).

If you’re not a social media butterfly just yet, hopefully all of the above will help you out. And if you’re a brand marketer reading this – take note, follow as many fashion brands as you can on as many social networks as possible and suddenly the possibilities of this medium should knock you off your perfectly pedicured feet….



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