3D(D) by wonderbra

Not content with (allegedly) causing numerous car crashes back in 1994 with the infamous ‘Hello Boys’ billboard, featuring Eva Herzigova, WonderBra is at it again.

This time, they’ve tuned into trend for 3D technology currently (trying) to take cinemas and living rooms by storm. As reported earlier today by Time: Healthland and tugging at the thread ‘What does 3D mean for the porn industry?’, WonderBra have unveiled their latest campaign – a 20-ft. (6-m) billboard featuring some lovely 3D augmented breasts – outside Waterloo station.

Promoted as the brands’ ‘best cleavage enhancer to date’, the poster appears a bit blurry at first – at which point we’re supposed to figure out that it’s in 3D and whip out those oh-so-stylish 3D glasses we all keep in our handbags / glove compartments / pocket, in order to get the ‘full effect’.

Nice idea. And it’s likely that you’ll take a pair of 3D glasses with you next time you’re heading in that direction. While it’s great to see the fashion world embracing all types of technology, one has to wonder whether they were actually thinking about recreating that car crash myth for 2010 but on a grander scale?

As Time reports; “The rather wonderfully named Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents claimed the blurriness of the image would make drivers look harder and therefore cause traffic accidents. Driving around with 3D glasses on is hardly going to be a solution either.”

So, potentially a double-whammy (excuse the pun, couldn’t help myself).

Personally, i’m dying to find out whether they get to use this in the States since they had to tone down the original ‘Hello Boys’ campaign for our American friends!

Incidenatlly, the original ‘influential’ poster was featured in an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London recently and it was voted in at number 10 in a “Poster of the Century” contest.



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