start as you mean to go on.

Hi everyone. This is my shiny new blog.

As a digital media professional, I should have done this a long time ago but I didn’t want to write rubbish about my life and opinions and things that people generally don’t care about.  I’ll be bulking up the blog over the next few days with all the bits and pieces i’ve been storing up in my head, but just to introduce you i’ll explain what i’ll be covering.

I’m a girlie-tomboy. Meaning: i’m a geek and a gamer and totally into my tech – but I’m also into fashion and designers and make-up and all things girlie (except for soap operas, ugh).  So i’ll be covering a mix of the two, and if I can squish them into a single post covering the lot, that’s awesome.

So, that’s enough for now, I hope you like what’s coming and please leave me comments so I can try to do better!



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